Comedian McIntyre now earns in millions

Michael McIntyre, British stand-up comedian, has proven that funny persons can also earn money after making a huge five million pound in two years only. McIntyre, the host of BBC1's Comedy Roadshow, has sold numerous books, DVDs. and tour tickets. Once, the comedian said to an interviewer that he was a loser but at last, he wins.

The star has, in fact, earned so much that he has paid back his banging 3.2 million pound mortgage. In August 2009, in London, Michael McIntyre purchased a 6-bed mansion in North London. The documents reveal that the liabilities are now paid back. This means that the comedian and his wife own the mansion

But the documents show the debt has now been paid off, meaning he and wife Kitty own the house. Incidentally this is the first ever house the Roadshow host has ever owned. Once he stated that he was right up to his neck as he was 40000 pound in debt, with no assets at all and often he had no way to pay the rent.

In recent years, Michael McIntyre career has lifted off in a different way. Now he owns an 80000 pound Jaguar and sports a costly Breitling watch. Now he earns in millions and enjoy sold out tours. He appeared in a number of tv shows including a Britain's Got Talent’s judge.

The comedian unveiled two stand-up DVDs. In 2008, he released Live and Laughing and Hello Wembley in 2009. Live and Laughing, which sold more than a million copies, was one of the quickest selling stand-up DVD for any debutant. This year, he will be venturing out for his second nationwide tour. Two years back, Michael McIntyre unveiled an autobiography. He has struggled a lot to make his name in comedy.