Gloucester’s Peter gets golden Michael McIntyre ticket

This is one of the largest lines that the country’s top theatre has ever seen and Gloucester comedy lover Peter Berry was right at its head. He was the very first person to get the tickets for much expected (now sold out) show by well known television funnyman Michael McIntyre at the Cheltenham's Everyman. When the tickets went on sale yesterday at theatre's box office for the special show, comedy rooters were lining up to snap them up.

The six hundred seat capacity of the hall was sold out in just twenty five minutes after they were given at £18 for a person at noon. Dave Allen, the marketing manager, told that they could have sold out another 5 dates. There were always going to be more disappointed customers than those who got tickets unfortunately, both those who got a ticket are in for a great night.

In general, when The Shortlist talks to people on phone, the conversation is linked by a conference call, along with an operator acquainting the star. Michael McIntyre phones directly and says ''I'm going to call you back,''

''I didn't do this properly. I've really suffered in star quality. I'm calling you back in one minute.''

This is a hilarious and silly beginning, but it encapsulates McIntyre's comedy style.