Popular British comedian Michael McIntyre has blasted out at the detractors and called them ‘mean.’ He also suggested that many do not like him as he is from middle class and also white.

While speaking to a famous magazine, the popular comedian told that people who disliked him were totally irrelevant to him.

He asserted that his brand of humor was tougher to get right than it appeared, telling that with regard to what he does….what he would like to tell to these people is if it is very easy, then they should do it.

When questioned about criticisms that his comedy is ‘middle class’, Michael McIntyre answered that one could be right with the posh middle-class thing. Most people are listening to what he is telling, but for some it is how he is saying it. The former judge of Britain's Got Talent has also marked other comics mean for criticizing him publicly.

He told that it never crossed his mind even once that - especially as an outsider to the mainstream - that there would be any jealousies, or even nastiness. He has always felt much unconnected to other comedians.

Citing to critique that his comedy is more toned down on tv compared to other live shows, Michael McIntyre told that on television, since there are so many people watching, he do not want to upset anyone. So he would be a bit more careful.