Metallica dazzles AT&T Park in spite of Giants Loss to Miami Marlins

This Friday evening, the AT&T Park was rocking when the Giants arranged the 2nd annual Metallica Night. The special evening featured special events as well as crossover with one of most legendary bands of the Bay Area with Kirk Hemmet and James Hetfield performing the National Anthem.

Before the evening’s game festivities started, the Metallica frontman James Hetfield talked about how this blend of baseball and rock music came about. He explained that they are fortunate enough to live in the Bay Area and hook up with the Giants. They are local boys doing good and they are hopefully in the same department as that. This is basically a fun night. Celebrating with local folks and local music. This was their 2nd second time at the Giants’ place; therefore, they did okay the 1st time so they got asked back for number 2.

Even though James stated that Metallica backs all athletes that strain to improve and they met and signed autographs for some Miami Marlins’ visiting members before the match started – that support only goes so far.

Speaking about the Miami Marlins, the Metallica frontman wished them a great game. When questioned about the Giant’s long time banes; he told that Giants are great in many ways; in all ways. He added that he has nothing against Los Angeles, but they are just better. In fact, James Hetfield also did the ceremonial 1st pitch of the game.