Michael McIntyre enjoys Caribbean sun

2012 was a huge year for him, he spent most time by entertaining people oh his sold-out tours. He has became UK's richest comedian. Yes you guessed it right , we are speaking about comedian Michael McIntyre.

Recently, the comedian was seen spending time with his sons as he relished a sun soaked Caribbean holiday. The thirty six year old comedian made the most of his time by taking his sons for a water adventure on Sunday, revealing his slimmer frame.

The former judge of Britain's Got Talent went out on the ocean on a sailing boat. With the duo partnered by a crew as they sailed into the distance, McIntyre beamed from ear-to-ear, appear thoroughly charge up at the idea of the pair's ocean adventure.

Both Michael and his son were kitted out in life jackets as they went off the day, with the comedian keeping the sun off his skin with a green cap. Instead he has went to have 3 meals delivered instead at a cost of £ 60 each day.

Mr Michael is known to have muster in the help of Pure Package, which is a bespoke diet service, to serve him shift the pounds on and off for past 2 years.

McIntyre, who is one of the highest grossing comedy artist in the world, with an estimated money of £ 21 million, covered for his day out in a grey striped shirt along with blue patterned shorts and black sandals.