Michael Mcintyre first gigs earned him 160 pounds

Sometimes back, nearly 5-6 years ago, comedian Michael Mcintyre was in debt of 40,000 pounds. During that time, his wallet was full of maxed out credit cards and there was no other way to repay the debts neither there was any money to purchase foods.

He kept on applying for new cards and was struggling desperately to make a living on comedy circuit and support his wife Kitty and new born baby, Lucas. Mcintyre, who is more serious than what he pretends started keeping a spreadsheet to track all the expenditures and he also checked out the cheapest foods I the markets.

But today, the bank statement is revealing a completely different story. According to the statement, he earned 5 million pounds over 2 years at the end of 2011 as per the figures that he lodged with Companies House and now it is been said that he will get 25 million pounds this year. All the credit goes to his Showtime arena tour.

His DVD’s are being sold worldwide and the latest one is Showtime, which is tipped to be in No 1 spot. He says that he used to keep his cash flow documents updated but for him, the numbers are more agreeable. He recalls those days when he was not capable of paying his rent. It was a tough phase of his life.

Now the comedian lives in a 3. 7 million pounds home in North London. Michael frankly admits that now he has all the credit cards and is happy with his life. There was a time, when he was paid 160 pounds per gig and he used to squeeze in as much as he can.