Michael McIntyre leaves the stage as a front row woman kept using her cell-phone

Michael McIntyre, the British comedy star, walked off the stage during a sold-out performance because one person sitting at the audience on the front row kept on using her cellphone. An angry Michael McIntrye asked the security to see what is going on promised the audience he would be back at Darlington's Civic Theatre, before he left the stage the performance last night.
As per the Northern Echo paper, few fans ask for the woman to be kicked out and the security staff talked to her. Just after that the comedy act carried on his performance, in which he took in material for his 2015 tour.
After the show, people took to Twitter and apologized to the comedian. One fan said: 'Michael McIntyre walked off stage in Darlington tonight because a woman in the front row kept using her phone. Stay classy Darlo.'
While another posted: 'Great show in Darlington tonight.... sorry about the idiot in the front row. You handled her perfectly.'
Another fan wrote: 'You were absolutely fantastic my face cheeks are hurting. Sorry about the idiot front row.'
Meanwhile, not all the criticisms were for him. There were some who criticized Michael for walking off the stage. One said: “To be honest, if I'm doing a stand up set and someones on their phone, I'd realize the set must be boring. But Michael McIntyre storms off?”
While another said: “Michael McIntyre storming off stage cos someone was using phone shows what an unnatural comedian he is. A good comedian would use this!”