Michael McIntyre takes family out on a holiday

Michael McIntyre, the well known British comedian, was left feeling soggy after a water ride at the Universal Studios with his family. The UK comedian had taken his wife and kids on holiday to Hollywood where they relished the attractions at the film based amusement park.
As the McIntyre family jumped on Jurassic Park ride, Michael, the comedian, soon found out in hindsight, sporting a rain poncho might have been a very good idea.

Michael was sitting at the front side of the boat, he played the role of a adoring dad as he covered his sons' heads in a protective manner as they went for a big splash.

Oscar and Lucas were sporting rain ponchos, as did their mom and Michael McIntyre's wife Kitty and the nanny of their boys but probably the comedian was expecting that the water would serve to cool him in Hollywood summer.

The family took the Jurassic Park log flume ride along with The Simpsons ride that repeats one of the rollercoasters in the popular cartoon series. The McIntyre family also took the Transformers: The Ride-3D, which is founded on Michael Bay's well known action film. Then there were also Shrek 4D experience, which was more of a film experience than a ride.

Michael, his wife and kids also took a tour at the VIP studio. In the last tour, McIntyre earned £ 21 million; therefore, the spend was not very big for the comedian. Around 639000 fans purchased tickets to see his live act. This suggests that his profit was as good as the anniversary tour of the rolling stones.