Michael McIntyre - why he left ‘Britain's Got Talent’

Michael McIntyre, the well known British comedian, has revealed why he left the judges’ panel of ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ Recently, in an exclusive interview, he told that he said ‘good bye’ to the show to focus on his comedy career.

His fans were really delighted when he revealed that he would join the judging panel of “Britain's Got Talent”. But he settled to leave the show after a short stint on the show.

According to reports, while speaking to a leading website, he told that it was altogether a different a job for him. He works really very hard to be a comedian and also perform on the stage; and after that sitting on the judges’ chair was an odd experience as it was something he was not used to do.

He added that one needs to have one eye on how they look at a thing. It is tough, but honest. The show was wonderful, but he was a bit desperate to be on the stage; and he also did not have the feeling that people were watching the show for his judging. He had to go back on to the stage as it is his career and he really needed to concentrate on that.

McIntyre further added that there are several tempting things in showbiz and they are quite fun as well, but he is more comfortable as a stand-up comedian. He did not want to took on so many different things and confuse it all.