The Voice jokes fail to impress

Well, he is the one comedian who can sell out large stadiums and somehow manages to arouse laughter with the spectators except it would appear that when McIntyre tells a joke regarding “The Voice” that failed to get a giggle from the audience.

The comedian thinks that the reason for this is probably that nobody cares about the show anymore. While talking on the show's huge finale, Michael McIntyre told his jokes went flat with his fans as they have no concern regarding the show.

Talking on Chatty Man tonight, he told that when the show “The Voice” began, he had a lot of jokes. He was quite excited about those jokes, but now nobody really thinks about that. They don’t laugh at the jokes and when he asks his fans if they are watching the show, they reply like ‘no’.

He told when the show began; his jokes regarding the blind auditions fell a storm and told that his jokes about the show were about the starting when they had twisting chairs and that was really fun.

At times, one may sense that a person was very untempting that as if they were never going to have a career and that is why he thought that there must be an emergency release to turn back round. That joke has stopped as audiences are not interested.

The show has lost its popularity since it started especially about ratings that have plumped every week as fans turn off in the droves.